‘anarchists unleashed mayhem at summits’

Initially civil, the exchange turned into a shouting match. “You’re telling us for the first time that our friends who have been living in the park now have less than a month to leave?” asked Kuroiwa, a thin man with a bouffant hairdo. “You have kept the people who use this park, the homeless people living here and the constituents of Shibuya ward in the dark about your plans, earning the distrust of many.”.

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Fans thrust programs and flags for him to sign. There was bumping and pushing, and a marshal started to bark at everyone to back up. Cabrera stepped back about 10 feet, and then instructed only the children to come under the ropes and join him. You can see it in social media. Sure, negative comments dot the landscape people have put an “X” through the “v” on their Livestrong wristbands to make it read “Lie strong”. But the tributes also keep coming: a few dozen new posts on a Facebook page titled “Lance Armstrong Supporters,” either vilify USADA or tell Armstrong they’ve got his back..

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